Meet the Respiratory Team

Community Surgical Supply’s Respiratory Team works collaboratively with patients, caregivers, and physicians to ensure a safe home environment for home therapies. Community Surgical Supply is a full respiratory treatment provider with programs designed for oxygen, sleep, and ventilation therapies.

Respiratory Therapists

Our team of skilled respiratory therapists are trained in all aspects of our respiratory services, with a focus on high-tech and sleep therapies. Their goal is to make sure you understand your disease process and how to compliantly use the ordered equipment.

Ventilator Coordinators

Respiratory therapists with advanced training and experience in ventilation management. Dedicated ventilation coordinators work collaboratively with your physician to optimize ventilator settings using respiratory assessments performed in the home. Accredited and licensed in clinical respiratory services allows ventilator coordinators to perform auscultation of lung sounds, CO2 and SPO2 monitoring, and advise your physician of treatment progression. Their goal is providing a safe discharge that supports a healthy lifestyle and avoids hospital readmission.

Customer Service

Specialized staff that are trained in all areas of respiratory equipment, supplies, and insurance guidelines. They are here to help with any problems that you may be having with equipment or supplies. Their goal is to decrease your anxiety that you may be having with your equipment and if needed schedule a follow up with one of our respiratory therapists or nurses.

Compliance Associates

Sleep specialists who monitor your PAP progress and ensure you meet insurance guidelines. Their goal is to help you reach your compliance with the use of PAP equipment for a healthier you.