Life2000 - wearABLE Ventilation

The Life2000™ Ventilation System adapts from stationary to wearable, with a compressor and ultra-lightweight, wearable ventilator. Continuous ventilation from day to night goes where you go. AdjustABLE, wearABLE… truly livABLE.

Stationary and wearABLE configurations

The Life2000™ Ventilation System is a volume-control mechanical ventilation system for a broad range of applications in the home and critical-care settings. The wearable Life2000™ Ventilator undocks from the stationary Life2000™ Compressor and gives freedom of range inside the home or can be used independently outside the home with an alternate pressure source.

WearABLE Life2000™ Ventilator

Wearable ventilator can be attached to a belt, waistband, or IV pole with optional belt clip and/or pole mount:

              • 4-hour battery life
              • Weighs 1 pound
              • Discreet size




Versatile configurations and adjustABLE settings for continuous ventilation


The Life2000™ Ventilation System provides three configurations for optimal versatility:

  • Stationary
  • Wearable inside the home with extended range
    • ­Small-diameter, up-to-50-foot tubing allows for easy mobility
  • Wearable outside the home as stand-alone ventilation with an alternate pressure source

 Is Life2000 Right for You?



Are you using supplemental oxygen and still feel shortness of breath?

Have you been recently had to visit the emergency room or been admitted to the hospital due to respiratory issues?

Have you recently had abnormal results from a pulmonary function or arterial blood gas test?