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Trach Tube

Purpose: Maintain airway.

Use: Change 1-3 months.

Disposable Inner Cannula

Purpose: Keep Trach Tube clean and free of mucous and/or debris.

Use: Change twice daily (commonly morning and before bed)

Do not Attempt to clean or re-use.

Trach Tube Holder/Trach Ties

Purpose: Secure Trach Tube to the neck to prevent dislodge. 

Use: Change weekly.

Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME)

Purpose: Provide moisture to the Trach when not using a humidifier.

Use: Change daily.

The HME is designed to retain moisture and may look slightly wet.

Do not attempt to clean or re-use.

Trach Care Kit

Purpose: Cleaning supplies for around Trach, Stoma and re-usable inner cannula.

Use: Clean daily. Contains Gloves, Pipe Cleaner, Trach Tube Brush, Twill Tape, 4x4 Gauze & Drain Sponges.

Items are sterile and should not be re-used.

Saline/Saline Bullets

Purpose: General cleaning and flushing.

Use: Use as need to flush in-line suction catheters, assist in cleaning re-usable inner cannula and/or general Trach care.

Speaking Valve

Purpose: Allow user to speak.

Use: Clean in mild soapy water daily or as needed when soiled or dropped. Do not rinse under strong running water. Replace as needed.

Trach Mask

Purpose: Cover Trach Tube for administration of humidification, oxygen or medications.

Use: Clean daily with mild soapy water. Change month