Specialty Programs

Community Home Infusion provides a full range of infusion therapies for adult and pediatric patients with specialty programs designed for Antibiotic, Immune Globulin (IG/IVIG), and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) therapies. Our experienced clinical and support staff deliver safe, effective and personalized care. 

Antibiotic Therapy

Treating disease states that require Antibiotic therapy can be a daily challenge. At Community Home Infusion, we take a comprehensive clinical approach to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Our experience enables us to meet constantly evolving patient needs, redefining value for home infusion patients. 

Immune Globulin (IG/IVIG) Therapy

Community Home Infusion is a leading provider of immunoglobulin (IG) therapy services with access to all available IG brands and the most reliable IG inventory in the industry.

We provide both intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC) administration options allowing greater flexibility for patients just starting or switching administration methods. For both methods, our nurses provide specialized patient training and support.

Immune Globulin (IG/IVIG) Program

Community Home Infusion IG Program is built for effective home care management. This convenient and cost-effective treatment option allows patients to receive intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC) infusion therapies from the comfort of their own home.

Immune Globulin patients receive:

  • Expert clinical care by IV nurses educated in IVIG/SCIG
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • On-call Clinical Pharmacists 24/7
  • Side effect management and compliance support
  • Reimbursement assistance from an assigned insurance specialist
  • Care coordination with physician and payer

Nutritional Support

Community Home Infusion Home Nutrition Support Program provides comprehensive clinical support to parenteral patients who cannot consume an oral diet. Our dedicated and experienced dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists work collaboratively with your physicians to develop a personalized care plan and prevent hospital readmissions due to nutrition complications. Community Home Infusion customer service professionals also work closely with patients to handle insurance verification and maximize coverage to ensure a seamless transition home.

Nutrition Support Program

  • Customized formulas are developed in collaboration with the Physician to supply the precise caloric, fluid and nutrient balance to meet the specific needs of each patient.
  • Initial detailed assessment of the patient’s current status and therapy goals for establishing an accurate formula. 
  • Weekly patient screenings
  • Quarterly assessments of patient's status and review of PN formula recommendations.
  • Micro-nutrient testing to determine vitamin and mineral status for each patient.
  • Metabolic bone disease testing by dietitian to determine risk for disease.
  • Dietitian consulting as needed.

The Community Difference

 Insurance Verification and Authorization assistance 
 Clinical & Discharge Assistance provided by Nurse liaisons 
 In-house, full-time Nursing and Delivery staff 
 Registered Nurse & Clinical Pharmacist Support 24/7 
 Multi-state provider participating with numerous Insurance Plans