Tracking Your Progress

We also encourage you to take a more active role in managing your sleep therapy with the DreamMapper and myAir apps for your computer or mobile device.

Set personal sleep goals and track your therapy progress, watch informational videos to help you succeed, and stay motivated to take charge of your sleep.

Philips Respironics - DreamMapper

ResMed - myAir

Compliance Requirements

Some insurance require a minimum usage for continued coverage of the machine and supplies. Our Compliance Department monitors PAP usage and will follow up to inform you of your particular insurance's guidelines and how well you are performing with treatment.

The most common usage rule is 70% compliance. 70% compliance is defined as 4 hours of continuous use, 21 in a 30-day time span. Insurances typically authorize a 90-day trial period in which patients can grow accustomed to the treatment and meet the compliance goal.


If you have any questions about your insurance guidelines, please contact the PAP Compliance Department at 1-800-349-2990. Some insurances may require ongoing usage for continued coverage of supply items.