Tracking Your Progress

Compliance Requirements

Some Insurances require usage and follow up with your Doctor for continued coverage. The most common compliance requirement is the 70% rule.

What is the 70% rule?

During your first 90-Days of therapy:
+ Use your device 21 nights in a 30-night span
+ Use must be ≥ 4 hours/night
+ Doctor follow up between days 31-90 of therapy
How do I know if I am compliant?

Follow your therapy progress using your machine’s sleep software. Select your machine and register your account: 

Philips Respironics ResMed



Do I need to submit anything to my Insurance?

Community Surgical Supply’s Compliance Department will submit the necessary documentation to your Insurance on your behalf so you can focus on your sleep.

Tracking Your Progress

Take an active role in managing your sleep therapy with the DreamMapper and myAir apps for your computer or mobile device.

Take charge of your sleep! 

Available on Android & iOS devices 

Supply Replacement Schedule

Order Supplies

 Component Suggested Schedule HCPC
Full Face Mask One every 3 months A7030
Full Face Replacement Cushion One per month A7031
Nasal Mask One every 3 months A7034
Nasal Replacement Cushion Two per month A7032
Nasal Pillows Mask One every 3 months A7034
Nasal Pillow Replacement Cushion Two per month A7033
Headgear One every 6 months A7035
Chinstrap One every 6 months A7036
Tubing/Heated One every 3 months A7037/A4604
Disposable Filters Two per month A7038
Reusable Filters One every 6 months A7039
Water Chamber One every 6 months A7046