CPAP/BiPAP 30-Day Mask Policy

Please check out our Equipment Resource Center for videos, tips and tricks.

What is the 30-Day Mask Policy?

Community Surgical Supply extends a mask refit, free of charge, to eligible customers to ensure comfort and effective therapy. Many insurances require compliance, especially in the first 90-days, for ongoing coverage of your equipment's rental period and supplies. 

Do I qualify for a mask refit?

To be eligible for a mask refit, free of charge, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Set up within the last 30 days
  • Mask selected & fitted by Community Surgical Supply staff
  • Usage attempts validated by compliance data

What do I do if I don't meet the criteria?

If you don't meet the 30-Day Mask Policy criteria, you can still request a mask refit, however, there may be a cost for the visit and replacement supplies.

To avoid costs to you, Community Surgical Supply has made mask fitting templates and other tools for each mask available in our Equipment Resource Center. Mask Fitting Templates can be printed and used to determine mask size.