Flex Home Delivery Education Materials

Getting Started

Flex Home Delivery is a guided setup experience in the comfort of your home on your schedule. Successful therapy starts with you and you should have the control. Community Surgical Supply is here to give you the tools and help along the way.

By now, you have spoken with a Sleep Coach and are on your way to improved sleep. Here is a reminder of the Flex Home Delivery process:

  • Pre-Delivery (First Call) - digitally sign paperwork and coordinate delivery of your equipment
  • Pre-Setup (Second Call) - meet your Sleep Coach, complete pre-setup checklist and schedule your Respiratory Therapist (RT) setup appointment
    • Review the online education delivered right to your email
  • Setup (Third Call) - Complete setup appointment and begin using your sleep therapy equipment on a nightly bases
  • Follow Up - regular engagement with your Sleep Coach about your therapy 

If you need to contact your Sleep Coach for any reason please call:


Lost the education material?

No problem, below are the setup instructions you received by email.

Introduction to OSA - Mask Training - Machine Introduction - Humidification - Cleaning

Be sure to also check out our library of helpful videos and tips on your machine and mask in our Equipment Resource Center.

Introduction to OSA


 Not your mask? Check out our library of videos for your mask here

Introduction to your DreamStation

Adjusting Humidification



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